We have two ways to undertake accounting related work

Online process

By linking to your server/desktop through software like “Team viewer” or “go to my PC” and doing work as required on your computers and using your software . Next day work done by us in 8 hours is saved on your computer desktop by our name and date.
If Cloud Based Software then you can send us the invitation

Offline Process

In this work/documents are uploaded to our Desktop/server  via mail or Dropbox or ibackup etc by you . We then download the same next day and do the work in next 8 hours in same software purchased by us and then we send you completed documents/back up via mail or Dropbox.


We follow the client instructions and client’s previous examples of similar work .In case of queries, we ask questions via email/Skype and then do the work as required. All of the work is reviewed by a CA.


The work is done within minimum 24 – 48 hours or as per target timeline given to us.


Here is a list of FAQ’s which may help you decide if you think moving some back office tasks to Advance Bookkeeping is a good idea

  • What about my paper receipts, how will I give it to the Advance Bookkeeping staff?
    For your paper receipts you can scan it and send it to us or you may use a third party provider wherein you can mail all your paper receipts and they will scan it for you then our offshore staff will be able to view it online then record it to your accounting system.
  • What are the qualifications of Advance Bookkeeping bookkeepers / accountants?
    Our staff are all from India, all of which are University graduates with a degree in Bachelor in Accountancy which is a two year course. Some are Chartered Accountants in India with years of experience in the corporate world.
  • Why should I choose to outsource my bookkeeping than hiring a local firm to do the job?
    Cost benefit. It is cheaper to hire an outsourced staff to do your bookkeeping / accounting than getting someone locally. Generally you will save as much as 50% of the cost to hire a bookkeeper locally than outsourcing it. The output is of the same or even higher quality but cheaper which gives you more than what you are paying for.
  • Are my records safe with Advance Bookkeeping staff?
    Yes it is. All our accountants and bookkeepers have high regards with integrity and confidentiality. Also, we have a non-disclosure agreement in place duly signed by all our  staff. Our staff want your business to succeed as much as you do – it is a great opportunity for our staff to work with excellent US/Canada/New Zealand companies. They treat it very seriously.